About Us

Without health, there is no happiness. Being the founder of Beacon Hospital, a renowned, top Cancer Specialist Centre in the country, Madam Mary Chen came across numerous cancer patients and families whose lives were disrupted, shattered or lost because of cancer.

She strongly believes that good health is the foundation of happiness and proper nutrition helps people live healthier lives, just like the ancient proverb “Let food be the medicine.” With the vision to promote healthier living and improve the overall quality of life among the community, Madam Mary Chen established the first Beacon Mart at Beacon Hospital in 2019 to provide organic food and antibiotic-free chickens to cancer patients. 

To date, Beacon Mart has expanded to 20 outlets, strategically located in the bustling area of Klang Valley as well as Seremban. Beacon Mart is a one-stop health food store for your daily natural and healthy food products. We bring convenience to you by offering a variety of natural, organic, chemical-free and healthy grocery products under one roof. All products are carefully selected, giving you peace of mind when shopping with us.

Radiant Whole Food

Being the FIRST importer and distributor of organic foods in Malaysia that receives organic certification since the year 2000, Radiant Whole Food is Malaysian’s leading natural and organic whole food distributor that supplies a comprehensive range of organic products from local and overseas, bringing wholesome safe food to your table to complement a healthy lifestyle. All Radiant Whole Food products are certified FREE from artificial chemicals, pesticides, colourings, herbicides, minimally-processed, non-genetically engineered, non-irradiated and ecology friendly. Not only that, all Radiant Whole Food products are insured with a 100% authenticity money-back guarantee as an assurance of their quality.

Beacon Chicken

Bringing the 100% natural goodness from our farm to your kitchen, Beacon Chicken is your healthier choice for nutritious and premium quality chicken meat and chicken products. Fed with specially formulated quality feed which consists of seaweed, moringa leaves, hawthorn, chrysanthemum, probiotics from Japan, and other natural herbs, Beacon chicken is rich in essential nutrients with less cholesterol and saturated fat. The chickens are certified by an independent laboratory FREE of antibiotics, hormones and heavy metals, even cancer patients can consume it with peace of mind.  

Fresh Organic Vegetables and Fruits

We supply a variety of best quality organic-farm grown vegetables and fruits which all the vegetables and fruits are carefully sourced and thoroughly checked for freshness. Plants are grown at many local farms such as Cameron Highland, Ulu Yam, Janda Baik and Bukit Tinggi without the use of synthetic chemicals or pesticides. 

Beacon Wellness

At Beacon Mart, we understand that acquiring new healthy habits including making the right healthy food choice can be a difficult task for many people. That is why we work closely with our team of professional doctors, certified dietitians and nutritionists from Beacon Wellness to provide one-stop health care service, from comprehensive physical health screening to guided dietary programmes that are customized and personalized to your specific needs to address specific health issues. Our doctors and dietitians from Beacon Hospital and Beacon Wellness will be stationed at Beacon Mart outlets to provide free health screening, personalized dietary advice and nutrition talk to our beloved customers.

Beacon CSR Welfare Fund

At Beacon Mart, we strongly believe in giving back to society, to help those affected by cancer. 5% of all Beacon Mart's sales will be contributed to Beacon CSR Welfare Fund to help underprivileged cancer patients in getting cancer treatment.