Our Partners


Beacon Hospital

A medium-sized cancer specialist hospital equipped with 100 beds and more than 80 medical specialists.


Malaysia’s first organic certified processor and distributor since 2000.

Beacon Chicken

Beacon Chicken provides a 100% natural, nutritious and quality chicken meat and chicken products using their Specially Formulated Quality Feed and state-of-the-art farming methods. 


One of the leading multi-faceted wellness centres in Malaysia. They focus on Preventive, Anti-ageing and Regenerative services towards achieving total wellness. 


 When organizations all over the world put their hearts together to achieve this collective mission, it will bring about the 98% impact that is needed for us to coexist with nature, sustainably. 


With a passion for healthy living based on ‘food care’, their founder has established Fatimas to provide the nutrients that we need. 

 Big Daddy Chicken

Top marinated chicken chop and breast, made from Beacon Chicken’s all-natural, nutritious and Halal-certified chicken. 


Having more than 10 years of experience in the fishing industry, they offer more than 50 types of fishes and shellfish found in Malaysian waters.


Pamper yourself with their award-winning spa experience at a sanctuary of serene relaxation.